Sunday, May 3, 2009

movie "Foolish Games"

Here's a little movie I was involved with last year for the 72 hour film competition (yes, written, filmed, edited in 72 hours!). It features lots of the Girl Trouble peeps (written by Kurt Kendall and shot by Isaac Olsen), Dick Rossette, Mike Stewart, Gretchen Bailey, music by Girl Trouble and lots of Tacoma zombies!



I watched with the hope that you'd temporarily appear as a zombie ... you'd be the nicest one ever!

mindy barker said...

Well, actually that is what I was! I'm the long black haired (didn't you know I have long black hair now!!Hee hee), black skirt, very torn shirt, and boot wearin' zombie. Thank goodness for those boots cause it was drizzling that day (shocked!). Thanks for watching Laurel Lou.