Thursday, December 31, 2009

Decorative projects.

Here are some recently finished decorative projects:

A young girl's bathroom and bedroom. Both rooms have the same butterfly fabric which was used as the design jumping off point. In the bathroom (above) I painted butterflies around the room and in the bedroom I painted faux fabric around the crown with faux ribbons holding it up here and there (below).

This young boy's room features stripes of different widths and incorporates a tree I had painted years ago when the room had a much younger theme.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


TONIGHT (Dec. 27th)....

Painkillers at:

The Comet Tavern
922 E Pike St Seattle WA 98122


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Quiet Shoes" trailer

A movie in which I'm an extra, along with many other Tacoma/ Seattle friends. Kurt Kendall (wrote the screenplay) and Dale Phillips (main character) are half of the band Girl Trouble...modern classics! Isaac Olsen is our local film hero still in his salad days. Just a young sprout with a long creative road before him.


Monday, November 23, 2009


A review for a show I have at the Handforth Gallery...
ends this Saturday, Nov. 28th.

Tacoma Weekly Home

Mixed media maidens

Greenwood, Barker show new works at Handforth Gallery

Photo by Dawn Quinn

CUT PIECE. Artist Deborah Greenwood’s collage-based artist books and revamped postcards make up half of the exhibit currently up at Handforth Galley through Nov. 28.

The Tacoma Public Library’s main branch has a dual mixed media exhibit up now in its Handforth Gallery. Artists Deborah Greenwood and Mindy Barker are showing an array of unique handmade works highlighting each woman’s unique skills and careful eye.

Barker’s half of the exhibition is entitled “ReMix,” and Barker explains the purpose of her pieces in her artist statement.

“For those with minimal space but a gigantic need for art. Signed and numbered, each ‘ReMix’ is an individually hand-painted canvas or paper-covered compact disc.”

Taking utilitarianism to a whole new level, Barker takes an object that is present in almost every American household these days – compact discs – intersperses them with vinyl records and covers them in paint to form figures that appear to look like bones, veins, sinews, joints, letters, dolls and discolorations/exaggerations of all of them. She utilizes a strong palette of bold pinks, reds, blues, greens, yellows and blacks to highlight the images and also form words such as “razmataz,” “flea,” “state,” and “brim,” which leave the viewer with no idea what the artist is referring to.

Barker utilizes impressive shading techniques and makes interesting connections with her work that comes off as street art graffiti meets the human anatomy for inspiration and integration.

One of the most notable posed collections of “ReMix” is off to the left side of the gallery and hangs with Dolly Parton lyrics: “The way I see it if you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain.” Each disc is situated in a way so that the lyrics read together and the bottom two discs read the musician’s first and last names.

Greenwood’s contribution to the show is in the form of artists’ books, which utilize photography, found objects, old books and collage to create unique works of art out of pieces that are more suitable on a pedestal than on a wall.

According to Greenwood’s artist statement, part of the appeal of using mixed media is that it is not nearly as dependable as traditional materials.

“The inspiration came from Roland Barthes’ book ‘Camera Lucida.’ He believes that some photographs by their nature are close to ‘haiku.’ It is by experiencing them over time that they reveal themselves with amusement or shock. I enjoy working with media that are not always predictable as they play on chance combinations and a feeling of the unexpected.”

Pedestals covered in Plexiglas fill up the center of the room at Handforth Gallery. Greenwood placed between three and four pieces together to exhibit in each, with no obvious theme bringing them together.

“Magic” and “Time Lady” are two recreated postcards that share space in the exhibit. The top of “Magic” has “Post Card” adorning it, and has varying shades of paper glued and pieced together revealing a young girl in an unusual coat, dress and shoes and the word “magic” is written overhead. Purple curtains make up the rest of the unique, almost circus sideshow character view. Real writing from aged postcards lines the edges of the piece like a frame.

In “Time Lady,” a woman’s hand is shown pouring a bottle of liquid into a flowing waterfall. The waterfall appears to be from an original postcard, but the hand and bottle were drawn onto the piece. Trees are lush in the background, writing from a past letter lines the piece vertically, and the edges of the piece seem faded, again giving away hints at its age.

The combination of mixed media, brightly adorned, modern pieces such as Barker’s, along with Greenwood’s lush, semi-surrealist artist books and postcards, make a worthy combination for viewing by anyone interested in seeing art that breaks the paint-on-canvas tradition.

Greenwood and Barker’s art is currently on display at Handforth Gallery inside of the main branch of the Tacoma Public Library through Nov. 28. The library is located at 1102 Tacoma Ave. S. and is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday. For more information, call (253) 591-5666 or visit

Friday, November 20, 2009

This Sunday, MAE grand opening!



Join us this Sunday November 22 Noon - 5:00 for a gala soireƩ to christen our new showroom.

MAE is a collective of 13 Pacific Northwest artisans all designing and fabricating exceptional building components for
commercial, residential and public spaces.

Member artisans include: Mindy Barker - muralist, Burnett Forge - artist blacksmith, Lynn Di Nino - concrete and mixed media, Christopher Hoppin - lighting and green walls,
Ixia Tile Tacoma
- ceramic tile, Steve Lawler - reFurniture, Madera Fine Decorative Furnishings, LLC - furniture and casework, Northwest Refinishing - wood refinishing,
Pacific Rim Tapestries
- contemporary tapestry, Diane Roberts - fused and stained glass, Jennevieve Schlemmer - architectural mosaics, Shape 3, Inc - custom metal and art and Turner Furniture and Upholstery, custom furniture.

More info and directions at
Find us also on Facebook

Madera Architectural Elements
2210 Court A
Tacoma, WA 98402
p - 253.572.1218
f - 253.572.1219

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Painkillers show this Saturday

Saturday, November 14th experience a

Scorpio celebration!

the Speakeasy Cooperative, 746 Broadway, Tacoma WA

We will be on at 9pm...

along with our very own favorite Scorpio. Shhhh...I can't tell you more.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Photos from Hanforth Gallery reception

Thank you all for showing your support. Loved seeing everyone!

Deborah Greenwood's beautiful mixed media pieces in foreground.

My wonderful friend Bill Schlambush figuring out the Dolly Parton quote. A little brain teaser. Bill, of course, with that big brain of his, figured it out with only minimal hints.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Opening reception tomorrow night.

Yesterday I finished hanging work for a show at the Handforth Gallery. I'm sharing the space with a great mixed media artist named Deborah Greenwood. Looking forward to an opening reception tomorrow night, Thursday, October 15th, at 6pm.

All of the pieces are regular ReMixes and also large ReMixes. Here are a few shots:

A quote from Dolly Parton with each ReMix containing one word from the quote.

It says:

"The way I see it,
if you want the rainbow,
you have to put up
with the rain."

Handforth Gallery
Tacoma Public Library
1102 Tacoma Ave. S
Tacoma, WA 98402


Show up between October 15th - November 28th

Friday, August 14, 2009

Music and Art in Wright's Park

Tomorrow, the 15th, all the festivities begin. Things start movin' at noon and the Painkillers (with myself and Ava King) will be on stage soon after.

But the best bet is to come and check out the sounds from the beginning since I know it starts with a sparkle. Tallest Tree (otherwise known as the not so distant past's Aviso) will start the day out right. Can't wait to see them. One of the guys, Geoff, used to play drums in a band with Drew called Committee for Public Safety...he is the best.

Am so excited for the doings of Girl Trouble and the Plastards too. Never a let down.

After the park show comes to a close at 8pm the Painkillers have another show at Doyle’s Public House, 208 St. Helen’s Ave. The opening act is our dear friend Jesse Quitslund all by himself at the ready. Not to be missed, no how.

A fun packed day partially for the kiddies and always for the adults!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Group show opens this Saturday.

The Seven Deadly Sins
Opening Saturday, July 18, 4-8p.m.

Gallery 301 is pleased to present The Seven Deadly Sins, opening Saturday, July 18, 4-8p.m.

This show explores the age-old vices that have vexed mankind, recast by artists in a modern light. The Seven Deadly Sins tackles the problem of sin in mixed-media art and video. In addition, the show offers commentary by people from different walks of life, who write about sin from the perspective of their profession. In this sense, it is a community project with intriguing implications. Please join us for the opening from 4-8p.m. Featured artists and writers include: Mindy Barker, Beautiful Angle, Joe Black, Daniel Blue, Brett Carlson, John Carlton, Chris Causey, Alec Clayton, Bill Dawson, Kyle Dillehay, Lynn DiNino, Marc Dombrosky, Bagger 288, Erica Fickeisen, Kyle Franklin, Becky Frehse, Walter Gaya, Debra Hannula, Robert Jacklin, Rick Jones, Charles Krafft, Denise Ladenburg, Malcolm McLaren, Linda Nyland, Claudia Riedener, Cathy Sarkowsky, Kathy Schultz, Chris Sharp, Seong Shin, and Niki Sullivan.

This show opens in tandem with Entrance Denied: the Art of the Chastity Belt, at Mineral (next door to Gallery 301). The Seven Deadly Sins runs from July 18-Aug. 18 (by appointment only; 253.250.7745). 301 Puyallup Ave., Tacoma 98421. Directions at

And next door is:

Entrance Denied: the Art of the Chastity Belt

Please join us for the opening of this show of contemporary chastity belts at Mineral, on Saturday, July 18, 4-8p.m.

This show is a part of Metal-Urge, the Tacoma Arts Commission's summer-long showcase of the metal arts. Artists give new meaning to the words “high security” with designs that range in type from spider-web delicacy to the elegantly austere. Chris Causey, Peeta Tinay, Dorothy Cheng, Susan Connole, Bill Dawson, Lynn DiNino, Shannon Eakins, John Fisher, Carla Grahn, Lisa Kinoshita, Naomi Landig, Julia Lowther, Amy McBride, Malcolm McLaren, Mark Monson, Lauren Osmolski, Fred Park, Jennevieve Schlemmer, and Galen McCarty Turner

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Minus 5/ Painkiller info...

Oh, here is the date for that show....
Friday, July 17th, 8:30pm.

Hells Kitchen
3829 6th Ave
Tacoma, WA 98406-4903
(253) 759-6003

Hope to see you there!

the Painkillers and Minus 5

This Friday night James Hilborne and the Painkillers will be opening for Minus 5 at Hells Kitchen! Minus 5 features Scott McCaughey of the Young Fresh Fellows, one of the most ultra amazing and one of my most favorite bands. Minus 5 is a pop collective featuring a different lineup for every one of their releases (around 7). Some fellow collaborators:

Mark Eitzel, Robyn Hitchcock, R.E.M., Tuatara, Wilco, Young Fresh Fellows , Peter Buck.

Very exciting!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Check out this show tonight, Saturday, July 11th---->

Hello friends-

This should be a great show. Am excited to see the MakeUp Monsters...own one of their cds and have heard such great reviews of their live doings. AND the Painkillers will be the opening band. Actually tonight will be the first time I lend a hand to the Painkillers...have been asked to be the percussion partner to the fabulous Ava King (she's not legal yet whereas I'm ok for the bars). She will be singing backup tonight and I will be joining her in some rythmic clankety clanks.

Here's the info:

Rock The Books! Tacoma Public Library's popular free all-ages concert series at the downtown Main Library is back with two exciting shows this summer. The concerts feature local and regional bands (including two EMP SoundOff finalists) and provides a safe, comfortable environment to hear live music.

Leading off the series at 7 p.m. on Saturday, July 11 is Tacoma indie duo MakeUp Monsters, 4th place winners of 2009's SoundOff Competion at Seattle Experience Music Project. MakeUp Monsters' Isaac Solverson and Shayne Weeks are students at the Tacoma School of the Arts play guitar/drums rock with great vocal melodies and catchy lyrics.

Opening the evening is James Hilborne and the Painkillers whose debut CD - Ghost Country - has just been released. The songs on the CD are compelling little folk stories of American life set against a variety of 60's and 70's pop soundscapes. James Hilborne & the Painkillers's music is equal parts psychedelia, honky-tonk, American pop and Ed Wood. Alternating from cute to macabre, this music creep under one's skin.

Doors for the Library's Rock The Books! free concert open at 6:30 p.m. at Tacoma's downtown Main Library (1102 Tacoma Avenue South). Information: or telephone the library at 591-5666

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh, and another Father's Day project-------->

A sweet gal commissioned me to make a custom ReMix for her favorite "father", a man with the initials FA. She said he loves red and black. Here is the result:

She was very happy. Hope he was too!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Finished project for Father's Day:

I recently showed a client a fold out book I've been working on and it spurred a great idea for her husband's Father's Day present. Since the book is one of "photo extensions", where photos I have shot are applied to a surface then continued past the photo's edges until you can not see the original image instantly, she sent me images of her little boy for her own custom book. There was one for every month of his first year, with 4 for the 12th month. So 15 images. This was a great project because she wanted me to be free with my "extension" ideas. Of course, I had to follow what was in the original photo, and usually I am able to pick a photo out of many (I see which photo has the best color or something in it to "extend"), so the pictures were a bit dark but I'm happy with the end product. My fantastic client was very happy too.

The whole book:

A few sections:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not so past activities------>

Last January I was asked to paint live while 4 other musicians performed in the musician then the next, then the next, and so on. Chris Sharp and I shared the "live artist" part of the stage (right behind and slightly above the musicians).

In the time allotted I was able to get quite a handle on my painting. I did prepare my piece before though (substrate= 4 cradled Hardbord mounted together) by adhering photo transferred images on the 3' X 4' board. The images were all photos I had taken over the last couple of years and the design was reflective of the body of work I did for the "Slice" show.

This live painting/ music show was called Tacoma in the Round, held at School of the Arts (SOTA) and it was a packed house because David Bazan from Pedro the Lion was the big musical attraction. During the performances our paintings were silently bid on and a fantastic young woman ended up winning the bid. Amazingly enough I wasn't nervous painting in front of all those people. Must be all the "live" painting in front of clients that prepped me for this. Lots of fun to paint while listening to great music!

Here's the completed painting:

Monday, June 1, 2009

Thanks to all who came out to the "Meet the Artist" on Sat. I have since been alerted that I sent the wrong address out for Cutters Point in Uptown Gig Harbor. To my embarrassment, some ended up at a gas station down the road that SERVES Cutters Point Coffee. OOOOOPS! I feel so bad and I apologize profusely! An "Auto Show" was also in full swing at the Uptown Gig Harbor shopping center so I meet a few interesting people (thanks for the conversation Michael!).

Thank you Mardel and Gino, the amazingly wonderful owners of this Cutters Point, and the amazingly talented Scott Neste of for this show opportunity!!!

Here is the CORRECT address:

4735 Point Fosdick Dr NW, Suite 400, Gig Harbor, WA, 98335

The show will be up at least another month.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Tomorrow, 10am-2pm, come see me!

If in Gig Harbor, come "MEET THE ARTIST" tomorrow, Saturday, May 3oth!

New work is up at the new swanky Cutters Point Coffee and I will be there 10am -2pm.

Would love to meet you on a beautiful Saturday morning.

Cutters Point Coffee
5006 Point Fosdick Dr NW, Gig Harbor (253) 858-2348

"Below Up"
photo transfer, acrylics
30" X 30"

Mindy Barker
P.O. Box 2263
Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Update on last "New music!" entry:

Here's a few changes/additions:

  • The Painkillers will be playing at the HIGH DIVE, Seattle on JUNE 1st.
  • The Painkiller's cd release show at Rocket Records will not be on June 13th. New date to be announced soon.
  • The Nightgowns will not be able to make the Dubliner show on June 26th. Show lineup to be announced later.
  • Pretty sure Guitar Maniacs, Tacoma also has the Painkiller's new cd for purchase. many changes!

What hasn't changed, though, is that these are really worthy recorded tunes, so treat yourself.

New music!!!

Here are two Tacoma bands worth hearing. They both have cds that came out within the last two weeks. You can pick up both at the Blackwater Cafe in downtown Tacoma. Really, they are great!

James Hilborne and the Painkillers:

  • The Painkillers will be having a cd release at Rocket Records, Tacoma on June 13th (Panic Pants will be opening! Can you believe it?). Starts around 3:30pm. All ages show.
  • Will be at the HIGH DIVE, Seattle for "New Music Monday".
  • Playing with the Nightgowns, June 8th, at the Dubliner, Fremont, Seattle.
  • Released on Tacoma's own Viva Tacoma Records.
The Nightgowns (formally the Elephants):

  • Playing together with the Painkillers at the Dubliner, Fremont, Seattle, on June 26th.
  • These boys are getting regular airplay on KEXP.
  • They already had their Tacoma cd release...a doosey of a show!

Kid's Bedroom mural

A kid's room mural I recently finished. It features a plane landing and has the child's name on the side and the runway includes his birth date= 4/ 22/ 02. Concept originated by Pam Sturgill and Rhonda Canales.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beautiful Day!

Wow, what a day so far.

First of all, it is an absolutely gorgeous, sun aglow morning, the kind that you don't take for granted and that we wait all year round for in this mostly gray utopia.

Then, to top it off, I first heard then saw a pod of Orca whale swim by. I counted 5 for sure and am almost sure on a 6th. One had the biggest dorsal fin, twice as high as the other's. I swear it looked about the size of a keel on a 30' sailboat. There is now a slight breeze but at that time of the day the water was calm and not a boat to be seen so their familiar whoosh of expelled air was easily heard. Oh water. One of the many perks of living on the Puget Sound.

A recently finished project:

These are 2 flat panel slider doors that my client wanted to have more dimension so I painted faux "millwork" to the outer surface. She wanted the look to be clean and simple with a bit of age. The painted "medallions" added some detail and softened the corners.

Here is a detail of the "millwork" and "medallion":

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Show

If in the Gig Harbor area, please visit my new work at:

Cutters Point Coffee

5006 Point Fosdick Dr NW, Gig Harbor

(253) 858-2348
A few paintings on view:

Iceland 25
acrylic/ photo transfer
30" X 30"

Below Up
acrylic/ photo transfer
30" X 30"


I’m attracted to photos most people would throw away; photos that are out of focus, with partial or distorted images, or unnatural eye-popping color.

Using a spontaneously taken photograph as a starting point, this image is photo transferred onto medium, applied to a substrate, then “extended”. Through multiple layers of acrylic glazes the photo’s color and form reach beyond its borders until the initial image is almost undetectable.

My interest in this process began as a study in the precise nature of my decorative painting business, started in 1993. Focusing on murals, faux finishes, and marbleizing, my business also includes the constant challenge of color matching and “fooling the eye” through trompe l’oeil.

Exploring this method of blending an original image into an “extended” version through color and form becomes the basis of this work.